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20 March 2024 14:30 to 15:15 Esterel Room Workshop

Feedback: why good practice is no longer enough in the face of today’s threats

Insights from DIOT-SIACI's CISO, the undisputed French market leader in insurance consulting, management and training, who faces the daily challenges of securing his company’s exposure to the Internet.

Find out why, in today’s fiercely competitive environment, it’s vital to implement innovative solutions to effectively combat new threats, and above all, how to avoid the proliferation of vendor solutions.

Conference Moderator:

Vladimir KOLLA

Vladimir KOLLA
Co-founder – PATROWL


Insurance Company RSSI

Patrowl, SaaS cybersecurity solution, provides continuous protection for your external attack surface exposed on internet. In real-time, it reveals, monitors, and simplify cybersecurity, allowing remediation without complex tool. Anticipate cyber threats and strengthen the efficiency of your organizations.

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