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21 March 2024 14:30 to 15:15 Croisette Room Workshop

Towards a passwordless future

Companies see a wide range of benefits in implementing passwordless authentication - including improved security posture, consolidation of their technology stack, reduced pressure on IT resources and improved user experience. 
When it comes to authenticating your employees, the multiplicity of methods makes for a complex technology stack. What if there was a simpler solution? One that could consolidate your tools while doing away with a login method that relies heavily on human behavior - passwords.

Find out more:
- Why companies are turning to passwordless authentication to secure their data;
- How and when they plan to implement passwordless technology within their organization;
- The important role of passkeys in this passwordless future.

LastPass® is an enterprise password manager that provides identity and access management solutions. From SSO and enterprise password management to MFA and Passwordless, LastPass gives superior control to IT and access to users.

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