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20 March 2024 09:00 to 09:45 MÉDITERRANÉE VIP CLUB Workshop

Ransomware dry run: Feedback from CISOs on an innovative and unique solution for simulating real-life ransomware attacks

"What would happen if you, too, were to suffer a ransomware attack?" This is the simple question that the Ransomware Dry Run™ will answer.

The Ransomware Dry Run™ is the first offer on the market to simulate a sophisticated ransomware attack in actual conditions thanks to a ransomware of our own design, stripped of its malicious payload but reproducing the most advanced evasion techniques in terms of installation, encryption, data extraction or network propagation. Acting just like a vaccine, our ransomware is inoculated voluntarily in some machines (patients zero) of our clients’ information systems in order to challenge the defenses in place and thus, establish the level of exposure to the specific ransomware threat.

HOLISEUM received two innovation awards in 2021 (Innovation Award at the Cybersecurity «Cas d’Or» and Gold Medal Winner at the CyberNight Innovation Competition) and several positive public testimonials from significant customers.

Today, our customers are sharing their experience of this unique solution: the Ransomware Dry Run™. Constantly evolving in line with the latest developments in cyber extortion techniques, the Ransomware Dry Run™ will be presented to you by Faïz Djellouli, CEO of Holiseum, and Renaud Lifchitz, Chief Scientific Officer of Holiseum.





Chief Scientific Officer - IT & IoT Security Expert – HOLISEUM

Specialized in cybersecurity for critical and industrial infrastructures, Holiseum offers innovative solutions and consulting & services in cybersecurity. Holiseum is an independent French company with a presence in France and abroad, and is PASSI-qualified by ANSSI for all 5 scopes.

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